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Lemon is a leading waiter ordering service, with a native android application. It supports notifications, statistics, printing, partial checkouts and many more. Our optional cloud printing mechanism allows GPRS data use for no-limit distant operation.
Suitable for hotels, restaurants, cafe, bars, beach-bars, etc.
With lemon you can start getting orders from your clients in minutes. No dedicated hardware is required.

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Easy | Fast | Reliable

Lemon is an ordering service that allows you to have full control of your business in real time. You can view, manage, print orders, view statistics and get reports for all orders. The system is built from the ground up, to allow you to start using it within minutes!

Suitable for hotels, restaurants, cafe, bars, beach-bars, etc.

Plug and Play

Our service requires you to have two android devices, and you are ready to go. Just create an account and download our mobile application. A printer is not a must since you may use an android device to get notifications

Speed Optimised

Our user-friendly interface is easy to learn and optimised to help you complete an order with the less taps possible! Just try it out!

Tons of Feature

Waiter, Cash, Table, Goods management.
Easy grouping of goods.
Easy order commenting.
Multiple printers.
...and many more...

Data Safety

Your data is safe on our servers and accessible from anywhere. You may download all your account related information in csv, and you can request immediate deletion.


Lemon waiter ordering service is developed to be used by everyone.
We support all sizes of businesses by offering our services at low cost with no quality compromise...

Unlimited orders* | Unlimited use | € 2099

*We have a fair usage policy. Learn more...

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